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Mindmap Doused with Network Societies

Mindmap: http://popplet.com/app/#/1589875 So it begins. Rise of the Network Society Theory by Manuel Castells, and it all wraps up into the mindmap. How to connect a theory that is so vast, encompassing economics, technology, culture, societal growth, metropolitan regions, global relations, … Continue reading

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I’ll Just Spinuzzi My Way On Through_Mindmap

Mindmap: http://popplet.com/app/#/1564732 This week I focused on Clay Spinuzzi’s book, Tracing Genres, when adding nodes to my mindmap. For this round, I added four new nodes with connections out from three of them. The node I left relatively unconnected for now contained definitions … Continue reading

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It’s More than a Little Spinuzzi

Dr Clay Spinuzzi. Image hosted on Flickr “Mirel argues that no matter how fine the grain, ‘knowing and learning take place in a dynamic system of people, practices, artifacts, communities, and institutional structures,’ and that such dynamic systems coconstitute even … Continue reading

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