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Rewriting the Object of Study_Round 2

  As the semester advances, steadily gaining on the last month of Spring 2014, my peers and I have been asked to rewrite our Object of Study Proposals. My original proposal stated that I was going to look at guilds … Continue reading

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Mindmap Gets Another Update_Ecology Theory, Ecosophy, and New Connections

Mindmap: http://popplet.com/app/#/1589875 haha Every time I look at my mindmap anymore, I am reminded of the skill system from Final Fantasy X. The grid sphere system, especially upon first sight, sprawls out like some curled serpent moments from waking. The more … Continue reading

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Come, Travelers. Enter this City of Steam and Smoke for I have a Guide for You

When taking the stage of my individual journey in City of Steam, my character was required to find a companion with whom she was supposed to be familiar amidst the horde of evacuees. This guide was of my House, lecturing me through … Continue reading

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