It’s All in the Social Networks

My Social Networks, mapped out for your pleasure

My Social Networks, mapped out for your pleasure

In response to Daniel’s How Stuff Works? activity, I mapped out my social networks: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Popplet, Blogspot, Wikispaces, and Playstation Network. I hadn’t realized it before, but the center point of all of my networks’ nodes is that of Google, through both my personal account and my ODU account. My school networks (colored gray) were more about information distribution, such as Wikispaces and Popplet; networks like Facebook and Twitter (colored blue) are more about staying in contact with friends and family; and networks like Playstation Network and YouTube (colored mustard yellow) are about entertainment. haha I really should start to make my personal networks come together more, the way my school-based networks are. It makes sense that Google is the focal point because, as my main email avenue, it becomes the source for making accounts on social networks and for keeping up-to-date on all of those separate accounts.

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